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$3.00 Per 1000 Views


Youtube views play a great factor when it comes to ranking a video. Not only do you get the exposure from all the initial viewers, once your video has the increase in views youtube will rank it higher. This means an increase in long term search traffic to your video, bringing your video organic viewers well after our views have been delivered. To top things of at Authentichits we deliver free youtube likes to all orders! The likes delivered to orders range from 25 - 750 likes depending on the amount of views ordered. The likes and views combination makes for a powerful ranking combo, helping your video get the desired exposure that you deserve. 
Our views are safe for all youtube channels, and videos. We can safely promote your video even if you are partnered with with youtube, or other third party networks. Our real views do not cause any complications and do not put your account at any risk. 

Did You Know There Are Only 18% Of Youtube Videos That Reach 600 Views And A Lower Percentage That Reach A Thousand Views? If You Failed To Get To Your Youtube Audience Up To Now, All Those Hours Of Video Editing And Company Resources Are Not Gone To Waste.

There are two ways to get your Youtube views count up, the traditional way of inviting viewers or simply purchasing youtube views.

Authentichits will help you get that needed boost to your video marketing campaign. We provide the viral component to get your views going and the chain reaction of views that follows thanks to increases visibility within the Youtube/Google search engine. This is an excellent way to brand your product or promote your business and drive real organic traffic to your website. Increased traffic and visibility through Youtube results in Youtube Views Give You Credibility

In Their Search For Relevant Youtube Videos, Users Are Naturally Attracted To Videos With High View & Like Counts. They Associate High Youtube View Counts With Popularity And Credibility.

Authentichits can give you this boost in views to put you in this position in the eyes of your audience and in your niche. We don't only build Youtube credibility, but we also guide you in the right direction to success with a continue interest in your business before, during and after your Youtube views purchase.

Authentichits Quality Service

We Don't Make False Promises Or Claims. We Simply Do What We Do Best, Providing Quality Social Media Services And Fanatic Customer Service To Our Clients.

We drive real Youtube views to catapult your Youtube marketing efforts and help you focus on your business, your targeted audience and valuable customers.

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